“People with Orthopedic injuries need to recover their range of motion and muscle strength as soon as possible. What I like about the GlideTrak is that it allows my patients to be up and moving much sooner, more effectively and more safely than they would with parallel bars or a walker. Not only does this result in better physical outcomes but it also helps people psychologically because they are up and moving again, often after a long period of being laid up. I also like that the benefits of GlideTrak and GlideCycle as well extend beyond the recovery period. Adding Weightless Exercise post recovery is an excellent way to maintain fitness while reducing the likelihood of re-injury.”*

Dr. Gordon Levin, Orthopedic Surgeon, Los Gatos, CA

We like the GlideTrak because it allows patients to gain motion and benefit from vigorous cardio exercise without stressing joints, all while complying with physician’s orders for minimal weight bearing. Most every lower extremity patient uses GlideTrak as a key part of their therapy.*

Trevor, Chief Therapist, Los Gatos, CA

I have been nursing a knee injury for over a year. After finding the GlideTrak, I am finally able to run again until I’m breathless! I like the GlideTrak’s ability to provide both strength and cardio challenges for myself without pain. I also really like that running on the GlideTrak engages your core muscles to fine tune your balance which promotes stronger abs and back. So many people could benefit from GlideTrak, in the clinic and the home.*

Ann, Physical Therapist

Think of your happiest times. They are likely when you were healthy and active. Times where you felt most like dlf and could do the things you love. When our health & activity decline, we slowly limit what we do, give up enjoyable things, making our world smaller & smaller. Eventually, we end up watching the world go by from the outside. GlidetTrak offers a way to re-enter life.

The GlideTrak system unweights our bodies and our joints, builds muscle, strengthens our core, improves balance, enhances cardiovascular fitness, and gives us the greatest gift — movement! Also, the GlideTrak team is there with you every step of the way. The company’s business philosophy is to offer each client the support and guidance to reach for their goals and succeed. GlideTrak offers the only home-based, personalized, restorative exercise system to allow those trapped by immobility to regain their activity and reclaim their life!”*

Dr. Anne S. Boyd, FAAFP, FACSM. , San Diego, CA

*Results may vary. Contact us to discuss the suitability of this exercise for your circumstances.

Always consult your physician before attempting any new exercise regimen.