Find out if GlideTrak PD FIT BIG WALK Training is right for you.

Would you like to walk faster, with more confidence and proper gait?

Would you like to move with more flexibility and less stiffness?

Can You Step Up On A Treadmill?

When you walk is your posture and arm swing normal?

Have you been told your walk is not normal (slow pace, small shuffling steps, freezing)?

Do you limit how fast you walk due to fear of falling?

Do you have to concentrate in order to walk “normally”?

Does your Parkinson’s exercise program include intense aerobic exercise?

Can You Commit to Spend 20 Minutes A Day At Home Practicing To Improve Your Condition?

Are You Ready To Take Back Control Of Your Life?

One of our staff will attempt to contact you shortly. If you prefer, you are welcome to call our PD FIT BIG WALK performance center any time during normal working hours at Phone: (619) 782-0900