Lana Stevenson, personal trainer with over 17 years experience, and the owner-operator of Lana 4 Fitness, is devoted to improving and maintaining the health of individuals through a comprehensive program of weight training, cardiovascular exercise, stretching, nutritional guidance, injury/surgery rehabilitation, and lifestyle modification.

Training programs are formulated for specific needs of the individual, including: pre and postnatal, those with physical injuries, diabetes, cardiovascular.



Kirk started his career in the fitness world with Jack LaLanne in the 1980’s promoting health and wellness in Los Angeles and Southern California area gyms. He has taught martial arts and fitness conditioning to thousands of clients including special needs children and adults.

“For me, GlideTrakTM Provides: Hope, Quality of Life, Options, Balance Improvement, Real World Multi-Directional Functional Fitness Integrated Core Development, Helping Special Populations, Family, Improved ADL’s, Community, Sports Performance Enhancement, Injury Rehabilitation, Embedding Better Neurological Function, Neural Re-Education, and so much more. WOW… I am just starting the learning curve.”

Other Qualifications