GlideTrak BIG WALK Training – New Hope For Parkinson’s Sufferers

John P. shares the dramatic improvements in Gait, Posture, Balance and Freedom he is experiencing . . . after just three weeks!

John P is one of a growing number of Parkinson’s sufferers to experience marked improvement in their condition. Fill out the survey (below) . . . Click the “Go To Webcast” button (at the end of the survey) to see an in-depth discussion of how it works.

Find Out If GlideTrak Big Walk Training Is Right For You

Obviously, you’re an intelligent person. If not, you wouldn’t be reading this.

Most people give up and let life take them from one situation to the next. Like paper being blown around by the wind. They never fully consider the ways you can influence the outcome.

You should be proud of yourself for realizing you have control over many areas of your life. And, you should be proud you’re making these moments even better.

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Complete The Survey Below To See If You Qualify For GlideTrak PD FIT BIG WALK Training

Has your mobility been affected by Parkinson’s (gait, balance, posture, arm swing, freezing)? Explain

Would you like to use a treadmill but you are concerned about falling or joint pain?

Have you been told your walk is not normal (slow pace, small shuffling steps, freezing)?

Do you limit how fast you walk due to fear of falling?

Do you have to concentrate in order to walk “normally”?

Does your Parkinson’s exercise program include intense aerobic exercise?

Do you exercise 5 or more times per week? What exercise?

Are any of your exercises specifically designed to improve Parkinson’s symptoms? Which?

Can You Commit to Spend 20 Minutes A Day At Home Practicing To Improve Your Condition?

With your exercise program, have you seen noticeable improvements in your symptoms?

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.  Click the "Go To Webinar" button and you will be re-directed to the webinar where we explain in depth how the GlideTrak PD FIT BIG WALK training may be able to improve your condition, too.