Breaking News! GlideTrak + BIG WALK Training = New Hope For Parkinson’s Sufferers

John P. shares the dramatic improvements in Gait, Posture, Balance and Freedom he is experiencing . . . after just three weeks!

John P is one of many Parkinson’s sufferers to participate in the GlideTrak BIG WALK Training program. With the help of John and people like him a completely new and highly effective exercise program has been developed and is changing lives.

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Discover How GlideTrak Big Walk Training Is Bringing Tears Of Joy To So Many

Many thanks to John and the San Diego Parkinson’s Association for their input and support.

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Are you currently exercising regularly?

If you are exercising regularly are you experiencing improvements in your symptoms?

Does your exercise program include intense aerobics?

Are any of your exercises specifically designed to improve Parkinson’s symptoms? Which?

Do you understand how powerful the right exercise program can be or are you merely beginning to realize its power in relieving symptoms?

In your own words please describe what you hope to accomplish with your exercise program.

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Here’s what some of our clients are saying about GlideTrak BIG WALK training:

After my GlideTrak BIG WALK workouts, I feel amazing. GlideTrak gives me the ability to practice fast walking with big steps and even to run up to 8mph!

John L., Age 70, 8 yrs. Living with Parkinson’s

I am now walking with more confidence, better posture and with longer strides. I have significantly less stiffness and rigidity as well.

I recommend GlideTrak to anyone looking to take back control of their body from Parkinson’s.

Alan E., Age 61, 15 yrs. Living with Parkinson’s

Over time, I have worked up to running 9mph, something I thought was impossible, even in my wildest dreams.

Randa B., Age 61, 9 yrs. Living with Parkinson’s

After just my 4th GlideTrak BIG WALK session, I noticed I was walking with less shuffling and better posture. My mood was better, and I had less pain and stiffness in my neck and back.

Paul S., Age 73, 14 yrs. Living with Parkinson’s

After only 3 BIG WALK sessions on GlideTrak, I started to see improvement in my walking ability.

Alan E., Age 61, 15 yrs. Living with Parkinson’s